Copadata News

The need for OT-centric cyber security strategies

Cyber security is consistently hailed as a top global concern for governments, individuals and businesses alike. However, most rhetoric on the subject focuses on securing information technology (IT), rather than operational technology (OT). In this article Reinhard Mayr, head of information security and research operations at automation software supplier COPA-DATA, examines the need for a different approach.

Thomson linear News

New high-precision miniature lead screws from Thomson meet demand for smallest application designs

Thomson Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of linear motion control solutions, has introduced a line of miniature lead screws and nuts. This new offering extends the Thomson lead screw product line to include 2-, 3- and 4-millimeter diameters.

Hitachi News

Hitachi High-Tech Launches High-Throughput and High-Sensitivity Wafer Surface Inspection System LS9600

Hitachi High-Tech Corporation has announced the launch of the LS9600, a new system for detecting particles and defects on non-patterned wafer surfaces. It features a new high-output, short-wavelength laser that improves throughput at the sensitivity levels required for the mass production of cutting-edge semiconductor devices by ~2.6 times compared to our previous generation systems.

Hitachi Construction Machinery News

Bradken Invests in Photovoltaics Specialist Enerparc Group

Mining equipment parts manufacturer Bradken Pty Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has acquired 12.5% of the issued stocks of Enerparc AG (“Enerparc”) group company Enerparc Solar Power 3, a photovoltaic power generation specialist with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions at its Coimbatore facility in India where power generated by solar panels will come on line in April 2023.

EGE News


EGE presents new air flow controllers with an IO-Link interface and additional temperature measurement. The sensors for gaseous non-explosive media are available in two designs: LN 520 GPL with a smooth sleeve with a 20-mm diameter and LG 518 GPL with a male M18x1 thread. They measure flow velocities from 0.5 to 15 m/s and temperatures from -20 °C to 70 °C.

Toshiba News

Toshiba Develops Transparent Photoluminescent Phosphor for LED, Sensing and Security Printing Applications

Toshiba Corporation has unveiled a technology breakthrough in photoluminescence, a novel phosphor that delivers excellent solubility in polymers or organic solvents, where it is transparent and colorless under visible light, and that emits persistent red-light emissions under UV light, with excellent color purity and a luminescence six times that of current phosphors.

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