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Clean application of greases and oils in hard-to-reach places

DOPAG offers valves for contactless spray and shot applications. New products and individual configuration offer even more options for applying lubricants.

Clean application of greases and oils in hard-to-reach places
Rotary applicator from DOPAG for contactless grease application to cylinder inner surfaces.

In the automotive industry, but also in other sectors such as the furniture industry, greases or oils have to be applied in numerous places. The requirements are high: the material must be dosed very precisely and applied exactly. High reproducibility is a must. Often the areas are difficult to access, inside bores or in angled places. Especially for these requirements, DOPAG offers a comprehensive range of pumps, valves and accessories for dispensing and applying lubricants. All products in the lubriLine product line can be combined with each other and configured to match the application exactly. New products now complement the range for contactless material application.

Clean application of greases and oils in hard-to-reach places
360° grease application with the rotary applicator from DOPAG.

Spraying grease inside bores
With the patented rotary applicator, grease or oil can be applied inside bores and cylinders in a 360° application. It applies rings precisely without over-spraying or spraying mist, no material is wasted. A wide range of adjustment options, such as centrifuge size, speed and shot quantity, allow a wide variety of ring diameters, heights and thicknesses to be individually set.

Exact spray application with volumetric metering
New spray adapters are available for DOPAG's metering valves and progressive cavity pumps. The adapters allow the advantages of volumetric metering to be combined with spray technology. The volumetric metering principle enables the exact setting of the material quantity. Small dosing quantities (< 3 ml) can thus be dosed and sprayed precisely and with repeat accuracy.

Clean application of greases and oils in hard-to-reach places
In combination with a spray adapter, the progressive cavity pump from DOPAG offers precise, full- surface application of lubricants.

Individual configuration and automation
The lubriLine product line is a modular product programme. It includes various material supply systems as well as a wide range of metering valves and dispensing valves, for example for dot application, continuous application or for contactless shot and spray applica+ons. Components for monitoring and control, such as specially developed control units and gear flow meters, ensure process-reliable dispensing at any time.

Thus, each dispensing system can be individually configured to precisely meet the requirements of the lubricant application. Various system concepts can be implemented, both simple manual dosing and complex, automated greasing systems that can be integrated into existing production lines.

All lubriLine products at a glance: www.dopag.com/lubriline


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