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Pilz offers customers tailor-made validation based on need - Three levels of safety validation

The range of services offered by the automation company Pilz for the safety validation of plant and machinery is now tailor-made according to need.

Pilz offers customers tailor-made validation based on need - Three levels of safety validation

Machine manufacturers and operators can now choose between three different levels, selecting the scope and depth of validation that matches their exact needs. This guarantees an efficient service that’s tailored to individual requirements – for a standard-compliant design of the plant and machine, plus maximum safety.

After risk assessment, creation of the safety concept and safety design then system implementation, safety validation is the final step towards the safe commissioning of plant and machinery. It is intended to ensure that protective measures are implemented correctly and that the safety system is fully functional. International standards such as ISO 13849, IEC 62061 and IEC 61508 form the basis. They specify that machine manufacturers or operators must regularly confirm that the safety design has been implemented correctly.

However, the requirements may vary depending on the specific application: Does it involve additional machines of a type that is already validated? Have only minor changes been made to the machine? Or have complex and significant changes been made to the machine, therefore CE marking must be repeated? Which level of validation is appropriate in each case?

Focus on the customer
Pilz provides support with tailor-made validation and, for this purpose, has extended its range of machinery safety services: “Until now we have offered validation as a full- service package” says John McAuliffe, Vice President International Service Group at Pilz. “However, in certain cases, for example when buying machinery from manufacturers with whom you already have a good working relationship, when identical machines are already installed or when minor changes are made to existing machines, then a scaled-down check may be sufficient.” Based on proven methods and many years’ expertise in validation, the automation expert is now offering independent safety validation in levels of varying scope. For the first time, Pilz enables machine manufacturers and operators to have a validation that individually meets their needs, as well as confirmation of compliance with the relevant standards. That means greater efficiency during implementation.

Three customised levels
While Level 1 validation contains a basic check, which highlights the key non-conformances, Level 2 carries out a more thorough examination, particularly in the area of functional safety. This guarantees that the machine provides adequate safety measures. The Level 3 validation service is an intensive, detailed conformity check, as required for CE conformity. At all three levels, machine manufacturers and operators benefit from the specialist knowledge of Pilz experts.

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