QARGOS Unveils the QARGOS F9 Cargo Scooter Platform, Pioneering Sustainable Urban Logistics

At the 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD 2024 in Dallas, Qargos unveiled the F9 Cargo Scooter Platform for sustainable urban logistics.

QARGOS Unveils the QARGOS F9 Cargo Scooter Platform, Pioneering Sustainable Urban Logistics

QARGOS, an innovator in transportation solutions, announces it is propelling the development of its future engineering projects by using Dassault Systèmes' cutting-edge 3DEXPERIENCE platform, emphasising its pivotal role in optimising engineering processes and accelerating the creation of innovative electric cargo vehicles.

In an industry where speed to market and advanced technology are paramount, QARGOS is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation. QARGOS employees across various engineering disciplines will leverage the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, streamlining the development of sustainable urban logistics solutions from ideation to production.

"The 3DEXPERIENCE platform will be instrumental in optimising our engineering processes, fostering virtual twin thinking, and enabling integrated data utilisation. The unified modelling and simulation, or MODSIM, approach offered by the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering the highest quality rider experience and performance in our revolutionary cargo vehicle platform," stated Alok Das, Co-Founder at QARGOS.

By integrating the 3DEXPERIENCE platform into QARGOS' future product development environment, engineering teams will collaborate on a virtual twin of an electric cargo vehicle platform, configured in real time with integrated data. This streamlined approach ensures easier component reuse, addresses complexities related to vehicle variability, and enhances the engineering-to-manufacturing cycle time. QARGOS can seamlessly integrate data from existing IT solutions and extend the engineering platform to other disciplines such as modelling and simulation.

This approach marks a significant step in QARGOS's commitment to pioneering sustainable solutions in urban logistics, harnessing the power of advanced technology to revolutionise the industry.

In conjunction with this announcement, QARGOS proudly introduces the QARGOS F9 Scooter Cargo Platform, a groundbreaking Compact Logistics Vehicle – CLV™ that represents a significant milestone in sustainable urban logistics. Launched in 2024, the F9 is the culmination of several years of dedicated research and development, addressing a critical gap in the logistics sector.

QARGOS Unveils the QARGOS F9 Cargo Scooter Platform, Pioneering Sustainable Urban Logistics

Five years ago, QARGOS embarked on a mission to revolutionise cargo transportation, identifying a missing segment for transporting cargo weighing between 20 kg to 120 kg and up to 225 liters in volume. This led to the conception of the QARGOS F9, specifically designed to bridge the gap between two-wheel and 3/4-wheel vehicles, catering to unique logistical needs. Recognising a market potential exceeding US$5 billion, QARGOS aimed to innovate the first electric cargo vehicle tailored for this niche.

The QARGOS F9 emerges as a game-changer in global logistics operations, especially in regions reliant on scooters, motorcycles, and e-bikes for logistics operations. It addresses the limitations faced by individuals who depend on two-wheelers for income, offering enhanced cargo capacity and prioritising rider safety. With a front storage area boasting a 225-liter capacity and a load-bearing capability of up to 120 kg, the QARGOS F9 redefines cargo transportation on two wheels. This vehicle is brought to life from the concept stage by leveraging SOLIDWORKS, ENOVIA, SIMULIA and other applications of the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio from Dassault Systèmes.

Patented in over 40 countries, the QARGOS F9 is set to revolutionise logistics operations by eliminating inefficiencies, boosting rider safety, and reducing operational costs by up to 90%. Its modular design allows for customisation, including refrigeration options for specific cargo needs. Equipped with IoT technology and integrating AI and ML models for advanced fleet management, the QARGOS F9 aligns with 12 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), contributing to global sustainability objectives.

Founded by electrical engineer Vijay K. Praveen in 2013 and joined by Co-Founder Alok Das in 2016, QARGOS utilised SOLIDWORKS Premium for initial designs. The journey evolved with the integration of the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio from Dassault Systèmes in 2021, incorporating a unified modelling and simulation approach to accelerate innovation of several sub-systems and the overall vehicle platform.

Alok Das emphasises the benefits already realised by QARGOS with advanced simulation solutions from SIMULIA in the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio in terms of time and cost savings for prototyping and physical testing, while improving design for optimal multi-disciplinary vehicle performance in real world conditions. Various engineering simulations led to significant design optimisations and performance enhancements, including a 30% reduction in chassis weight, improved vehicle aerodynamics, and maximised cargo compartment size.

QARGOS F9's journey involved extensive simulation, thorough testing, and continuous customer engagement. With over 500 product demonstrations and more than 30,000 miles of road testing, QARGOS is not just launching a product but spearheading a revolution in logistics operations, paving the way for a sustainable and efficient future in urban delivery.


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