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From BIOTREE to ZETA Biosystem: An Exciting Transition for India's Biopharmaceutical Industry

BIOTREE, a leading biopharmaceutical engineering and process equipment company in India, has rebranded as ZETA Biosystem.

From BIOTREE to ZETA Biosystem: An Exciting Transition for India's Biopharmaceutical Industry

This change strengthens the company's integration into the international ZETA Group and the expansion of its services to become a global end-to-end solution provider. Customers can now benefit from their new state-of-the-art Experience Centre in Bengaluru, India.

BIOTREE had established itself as an end-to-end solution provider for Asia's biopharmaceutical industry, offering design, construction, automation, digitalization, and qualification services for customer-specific biopharmaceutical systems for over a decade. The strategic rebranding of ZETA Biosystem aims to improve its integration into the international ZETA Group, allowing the company to access a wide range of resources and expertise.

New training facility “EXPERIENCE CENTRE” to enrich the biopharmaceutical community
With the launch of the Experience Centre in Bengaluru, ZETA Biosystem takes a step forward to build human capital and nurture talent for the biopharmaceutical community. The training center program is delivered by experts to train participants in a cleanroom learning environment with hands-on training to operate process equipment manually and in automatic modes under controlled conditions. The program is designed to educate industry aspirants, graduates, and personnel from within the ZETA Group as well as its customers.

From BIOTREE to ZETA Biosystem: An Exciting Transition for India's Biopharmaceutical Industry

“ZETA Biosystem aims to foster innovation in the biopharmaceutical industry by dedicating itself to quality and precision. Our services will continue to offer reliable, precise, and high-quality engineering solutions in accordance with regulatory compliance”, says Dr. Anil Paul Kariath, CEO of ZETA Biosystem.

Fast execution times for pharma projects globally
ZETA Group is known for managing high-complexity EPCMV pharma projects worldwide and reducing interfaces between the planning and construction of the process system, cleanroom design, and technical building infrastructure. “This unique design-build approach allows for faster execution times, creating value for our customers with quicker market introduction of vital active ingredients”, states Andreas Marchler, CEO of the ZETA Group.

"It's critical to offer customers the same expertise and high-quality solutions regardless of their location. This partnership allows us to do just that”, states Dr. Anil Paul Kariath. "By pooling our resources and skills, we can consistently provide end-to-end solutions globally, from engineering and construction to automation, digitization, and qualification”, concludes Andreas Marchler.


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