Volvo Penta News

Volvo Penta’s battery energy storage expertise advances

Volvo Penta is advancing its net-zero initiatives by providing its battery energy storage subsystem to BESS manufacturers venturing into charging infrastructure support. This is exemplified in a recent collaboration with TecnoGen, part of the Bruno Generators Group (BRG).

Flex Power Modules News

8:1 input 100 W DC/DC in quarter brick format

Flex Power Modules has added a quarter brick, baseplate-cooled DC/DC to their product line-up, featuring an ultra-wide 9-75 VDC input range (100V/100 ms). The PKM8100A delivers 100 W at up to 89% efficiency and is available with initial outputs of 12 V/ 8.35A or 54 V/1.85 A.

NORD Drivesystems

The IE5+ synchronous motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Pioneering in saving CO2 and material

The European standards DIN EN 60034-30-1: 2014-12 (mains operation) and DIN VDE 0530-30-2: 2019-02 (frequency inverter operation) define the four efficiency classes for electric motors from IE1 to IE4+. Based on the underlying criteria, even more efficient drives are known as IE5 within industry.

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